Moses Suli

In an interesting move by the Wests Tigers but one they see as the right one, the club has opted to release Moses Suli from the remainder of his contract. 

With the discussions surrounding the release of Suli to the Canterbury Bulldogs, the club appreciates the understanding of Suli’s agent Mario Tartak.

“Moses is an exceptionally talented player,” said Wests Tigers CEO, Justin Pascoe.

That’s why over the last 12 months our coaching and personal development staff have dedicated so much time and energy to supporting Moses with his challenges, both on and off the field.”

Tartak praised the Wests Tigers for the way they handled the situation with professionalism.

“While it’s always disappointing to see player part ways with a club, the Wests Tigers have been completely transparent, professional and empathetic throughout this process,” said Tartak.

Although the club are disappointed to have to release Suli, in the end, the club values and culture are more important than any one player.

“We are working really hard both on and off the field to build something special here at Wests Tigers,” continued Pascoe.

“That includes building a culture and set of standards that cannot be compromised.

Despite the reasons behind their decision to release him, Pascoe and the Tigers wish Suli the best in his rugby league career.

“I am sure If he’s willing to take responsibility, be a team player and commit to the demands of being a professional athlete he has the potential to have a successful career in rugby league,” the CEO said.

With reports suggesting that his work ethic was not up to scratch, Suli hit back at those claims saying it was the best decision for him moving forward.

“It was a big call for me, but I thought it was the best for myself and the club,” Suli said.

“It was really tough for me and I didn’t think it would come to this, but I guess it’s what’s best for my footy career.

“The ankle is going really well. I had surgery, but I have recovered well. I have been given the all-clear and I’m ready to get back on the field.”

A key reason behind his decision to join the Bulldogs was his close association with their recruitment manager Warren McDonnell, who recruited him to the Tigers.

“I have known Warren since I was 15 and he has helped me a lot,” Suli continued.

“I’m willing to go to the Bulldogs and get back to playing the football I know I can.

“I’m excited for the move to Canterbury and I’m prepared to face every challenge that comes my way.”

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