Former Gold Coast Titans halfback Scott Prince

Just the two games today, the first one the Penrith Panthers against the Gold Coast Titans. 

Both sides boast an array of talent and will want wins for varying reasons but what does history tell us?

Does one team have an edge or is it even? Which players love playing against the other team?

All this and more as we present the stat pack for this game:

Penrith Panthers v Gold Coast Titans

The two sides have played each other just 18 times in the NRL; Penrith has won 10 of these games, the Titans have won six and there have been two draws.

The longest winning streak among the two sides is four straight wins by the Panthers. The next best is two, achieved twice by the Titans.

The only game in which Chris Sutton was a referee in this fixture ended in a 15-14 win to Penrith in the 2016 NRL season.

The first fixture between these two sides was a 24-22 win in favour of the Titans on Sunday April 8, 2007, in their round 4 clash.

Biggest Wins

The Penrith Panthers biggest win over the Gold Coast Titans was a 40-0 romp on Saturday, March, 2015, in round 2 of the NRL 2015 season.

The Gold Coast Titans most comprehensieve win over the Panthers came on April 18, 2005, in round 7, when they won 32-6.

Most prolific point-scorer in these clashes

Scott Prince (GLD) – 4 tries & 19 goals (54 pts)
Michael Gordon (PEN/GLD) – 3 tries & 18 goals (48 pts)
Luke Walsh (PEN) – 2 tries, 15 goals & 1 field goal (39 pts)
Aidan Sezer (GLD) – 3 tries & 10 goals (32 pts)
David Mead (GLD) – 6 tries (24 pts)
Jamie Soward (PEN) – 1 try & 9 goals (22 pts)
Frank Pritchard (PEN) – 4 tries (16 pts)
Lachlan Coote (PEN) – 4 tries (16 pts)
Michael Jennings (PEN) – 4 tries (16 pts)
Preston Campbell (GLD) – 2 tries & 4 goals (16 pts)
Travis Burns (PEN) – 2 tries & 3 goals (14 pts)
Anthony Laffranchi (GLD) – 3 tries (12 pts)
Brad Tighe (PEN/GLD) – 3 tries (12 pts)
James Roberts (GLD) – 3 tries (12 pts)
Jamal Idris (PEN) – 3 tries (12 pts)

Disclaimer: The above players are simply the top 15 most prolific scorers in clashes between these two sides. 

If there are any stats you want to know that are not mentioned, let us know and we can add them to this and future stats breakdowns.

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