Brisbane Broncos winger Corey Oates

One of the elite wingers of the game, the future of Brisbane Broncos winger Corey Oates was of much speculation. 

Linked to several clubs, his contract future took a while to sort but the dust has settled, as he re-signed for one year.

Although it is just the one further season, Oates has said he wants to stay with the club for his entire career.

“The best thing to do was to get the one-year deal sorted – I don’t want to go anywhere else,” said Oates.

“I did a one-year deal last season to prove that I deserve a bigger contract, not money-wise, but because I want to stay here for a long time and do whatever I can for this club.”

The one-year deal is what Oates says acts as a motivator as he backs himself to perform.

“There’s been a lot going on in the back end of the season behind the scenes – and the best option was to clear my head, sign the one-year deal and back myself once again,” the representative winger continued.

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