Fiji Bulikula player Asipau Mafi

Making their international debut, the Fijian women’s side have proven too strong for the Papua New Guinea Kumuls.

Known as the Fiji Bulikula, the side is name after a golden cowrie shell, and they got their international tenure off to a perfect start.

It was not a good start for the Kumuls who, after some confusion on the kick-off, made an early error.

Fiji were quick to pounce and a yawning overlap on the right saw Roela Radiniyavuni score an easy try to make the score 4-0.

Conversions from the sideline can be tough but Patricia Raikadroka made it look easy; her kick clearing the posts and then some.

Despite the best efforts of Papua New Guinea just minutes later, Jacobetha Wake was taken into a touch after a strong Fijian hit in defence.

Their tough-nut-to-crack defence paid dividends, as a second Fiji try soon came about.

Asipau Mafi was the provider, as she sent Asena Rokomarama over for a try on the right side.

A third try followed soon after the break, as Ateca Laiyamo muscled her way over from close range.

The Papua New Guinea ladies found a second wind and looked to assert some dominance but it was not to be.

Their hopes were dampened when Mafi scored a try of her own.

To cap the game off and to cap off a solid individual performance, Radiniyavuni nabbed a second.

With Fiji showcasing their strong skills, they could be a darkhorse at the Women’s World Cup.

NRL News Player of the Game

3. Asipau Mafi

2. Roela Radiniyavuni

  1. Ateca Laiyamo

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