Brisbane Broncos utility back Anthony Milford

The Brisbane Broncos season ended horribly with a 58-0 loss to the Parramatta Eels in the elimination finals.  

Mass changes have taken over Red Hill during the offseason in an attempt to repair their broken 2019.

New signings

One change that looks set in stone is Brodie Croft heading north to Brisbane.

On Thursday Morning, Croft and Anthony Seibold (Brisbane Broncos coach) met up for about an hour at a cafe on Stanley Street in Sydney.

A picture of Anthony Seibold and Brodie Croft leaving the cafe backs this up.

“Brodie Croft is Brisbane’s number one recruitment target for next season” James Hooper said as he reported on the meeting during NRL 360.

According to Hooper, the Broncos only have approximately $100k remaining in their salary cap for the 2020 season.

Potential new Bronco Brodie Croft

“If they do some shifting of players, then things could free up”, Hooper said.

Suggestions that Croft would be leaving the Melbourne Storm arised after the storm dropped him from the side after their 18-22 loss to the Canberra Raiders.

This change made way for Ryan Papenhuyzen to get into the starting side.

Who will make way?

The Broncos told Jack Bird that he is free to negotiate with other clubs.

James Hooper reported earlier in the week that there is little to no appetite for him.

The Broncos may have to look at other options to make space. According to Hooper, these options are Matt Gillett and Alex Glenn.

Brisbane Broncos back-rower Matt Gillett

Reportedly,the Broncos told Matt Gillett that he will start on the bench in 2020.

This has people believing that he has not taken this well and may want to look around for another club.

Alex Glenn seems a much more viable option though.

The Penrith Panthers are showing interest in the Broncos veteran.

This is most likely due to a lack of money.

“He’s had his current contract for this season essentially cut in half if he wants to stay at the Broncos”, Hooper said.

Captaincy, a controversial choice?

Another major change is reportedly set to be made.

The Broncos will reportedly hand down the captaincy from Darius Boyd to Matt Lodge and Patrick Carrigan.

Brisbane Broncos prop Matt Lodge

This was reported by Peter Badel earlier in the week and again by NRL 360 on Thursday night.

This is possibly due to a psychology test conducted by the Broncos where Matt Lodge and Patrick Carrigan scored the highest.


All in all, the Broncos appeared to have recognised that the problem in 2019 was leadership.

They are attacking this by trying to buy Brodie Croft and give the captaincy to Matt Lodge and Patrick Carrigan.

Will these changes turn around the Broncos and return them to the powerhouse they formerly were, or give them another horror season in 2020?

Only the future will tell.

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