Brisbane Broncos legend Darren Lockyer

There has been talent galore to play for the Brisbane Broncos since their inception but who makes an all-time squad?

What makes one player stand out from the rest to deserve that honour?

Team success, personal success, longevity, and influence on the game consistently, will all factor in.

We’ve scoured the players, the numbers and the data, and have produced what we see as the greatest Brisbane side of all-time.

So, here it is, we present to you our pick for the top 17 to have ever donned a Broncos jersey:

  1. Darren Lockyer – A maestro. No two ways about it. Excelled at two positions at the highest level and was a mainstay for a strong Broncos side.
  2. Michael Hancock – Strength, power and elusiveness, Hancock goes down as one of the Broncos greatest ever. A handful on the wing and 123 tries to his name, the third most, his wide-legged running style proved undeniably efficient.
  3. Justin Hodges – The in and away was perfected by Hodges. A powerful ball-runner, he often beat an inside man with ease, creating ample opportunities. Not a bad fullback either.
  4. Steve Renouf – The Pearl, a fan favourite. Blessed with speed and grace, Renouf terrorised defences weekly. 155 total tries in just 194 games; it was clear to see that he loved a good try.
  5. Wendell Sailor – Raw power. There was often nothing better for Broncos fans than seeing Sailor gallop down the field like a gazelle when he went through defence like a battering ram just moments earlier. Has the fourth most tries for the club.
  6. Wally Lewis – Regarded by many as the greatest to don the Broncos jersey, Lewis’ talents were on show in Queensland for years before the Broncos joined the competition. He excelled at all levels and was the driving force for the club towards success.
  7. Allan Langer – A little magician. No ifs or buts. Size never mattered to Langer, for he just went about his business and with such aplomb. The big men never scared him, never rattled him. He would almost always have the last laugh.
  8. Shane Webcke – Just a pure battering ram but the good sort. He could run all day, produce consistent numbers all day and it is no wonder he is so revered, even to this day, by Broncos fans.
  9. Kevin Walters – Yet another mainstay of the Broncos successful 90’s sides, Walters versatile nature saw him cover the halves at hooker roles. He toiled, worked hard and proved his worth.
  10. Petero Civoniceva – The Fijian did not hold back. Able to run all day, his nifty footwork allowed him that extra yardage regularly. Webcke and Petero were the one-two punch. If they got the ball rolling, you were in strife.
  11. Gorden Tallis – The raging bull. Named that for a reason, Tallis’ aggression and tenacity often riled teams up, got on their nerves, and produced mistakes. He would charge forward like a steam train.
  12. Brad Thorn – A giant back-rower, Thorn could hit and hit hard. His exploits often went unnoticed but they were felt. Was a key part of the Broncos success during his time with the club.
  13. Corey Parker – Has the most games and the most points for the club, played 16 seasons and was a constant workhorse in attack and defence. Never gave an inch and busted his backside every week.

14. Andrew Gee – Another toiler who went out and did his job every week. His versatility was a useful asset as he covered spots of need during his time at the club. Involved in several club successes.

15. Sam Thaiday – Recently retired but a huge asset for the Broncos club in his tenure. Their very own Mr Fix-It across the forward pack, Thaiday played everywhere and was a mobile body across the park.

16. Tonie Carroll – Yet another versatile player, Carroll was a bruising player. When he wasn’t knocking out referees, he was performing adeptly no matter the position.

17. Shaun Berrigan – Don’t let his small frame confuse you. Berrigan could play in the middle and play there well. A nuggety, tough little player, his work was always completed with smarts and diligence.

Coach: Wayne Bennett – Who else but Wayne here? He did it all at the club, produced a litany of juniors, oversaw their development and helped guide and change countless careers.

NRL mastercoach Wayne Bennett

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