Canterbury Bulldogs club legend Steve Folkes

A perennial powerhouse of a team. The Canterbury Bulldogs enjoyed success in the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s. 

Although recently, it has been a tougher slog, they have been blessed with countless prodigious talents that have contributed to their success.

Here they are. Our greatest Bulldogs side of all-time:

  1. Luke Patten – Rep honours may have eluded him but Patten was a consistently good player at the back for the Bulldogs. Solid all-round player that was safe under the high ball.

2. Hazem El Masri – The greatest goal-kicker of all time, the man nicknamed El Magic is a no brainer pick. His stature never prevented him from causing havoc, scoring tries and becoming leading point-scorer.

3. Josh Morris – He still runs around but he was a try-scoring machine at the Bulldogs. Pace, skill, awareness, Morris had it all and saw many wingers come and go during his time at the club.

4. Peter Mortimer – Quick, nifty and a quality finisher, the second eldest Mortimer brother had all the tools to play the game and succeed in doing so.

5. Daryl Halligan – If you wanted a man to kick goals for you in the 90’s, Halligan was your guy. His kicking exploits extended to on-field smarts, often producing winning field goals.

6. Steve Mortimer – Perhaps the greatest half to don the blue and white, Mortimer had class, skill and a touch of ego and aggression. He often produced lengthy masterful displays over the years.

7. Brent Sherwin – ‘Shifty’ Sherwin as they often called him, if you wanted control of a match with kicking, Sherwin was your guy. Blessed with the ability to read the game and make quick decisions.

8. Steve Price – Work ethic, tireless, effort. That sums up Steve Price, with the front man doing just that; leading from the front. Not just once for the club but consistently.

9. Corey Hughes – The unsung hero of many Dogs successes, Hughes was the clubman every player needs. Does his job without the fanfare and gets appreciated by the fans for it.

10. Eddie Burns – A workhorse of a prop in the 1930’s and 1940’s, Burns, for his size, had a knack for finding the try-line. Debuted when he was still a teenager.

11. Steve Folkes – The great one is no longer with us but he’ll always be remembered. One of the fittest players ever, Folkes lanky stature worked as a back-rower and he was a defensive machine week in and week out.

12. Chris Mortimer – The third Mortimer brother, Chris started out as a strong, robust centre, before making the move to the back-row and proving effective in the role.

13. Terry Lamb – Known as Baa to the Bulldogs faithful, the man was a Bulldogs player for most of his career and excelled consistently. A true clubman, Lamb was tenacious and deceptively strong for his size.

14. Chris Anderson – No all-time Dogs team is complete without Ando. With a knack for finishing off attacking plays, Anderson was known for his skills and sheer pace, leading to tries galore.

15. Josh Jackson – Just the second of two active players. Current captain, a tireless workhorse, a fan favourite and several years still ahead, Jackson will soon cement his spot as a club legend.

16. Darren Britt – A tenacious and gritty prop, he was known for his consistency and his leadership. Would lead from the front and play his role to perfection.

17. Andrew Ryan – The Bulldogs got the best out of him and that was down to the effort Ryan put into the club. A tireless worker, Ryan, or as the fans call him, ‘Bobcat’, quickly became a fan favourite.

Coach: He’s in the side as a player and it’s hard not to have the longest serving club coach in Steve Folkes also play the part here.

Canterbury Bulldogs club legend Eddie Burns

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