South Sydney Rabbitohs legend Bob McCarthy

One of the foundation clubs, the South Sydney Rabbitohs have seen many players come and go. 

Quality players, players breaking records, and players producing tremendous bits of skill.

Though who makes an all-time team? Do players from yesteryear get a look in or is it a modern look for the side?

Just one way to find out as we put forth our top South Sydney side; so sit back and enjoy:

  1. Clive Churchill – ‘The Little Master’ is seen by many as the greatest to have ever played the game. Churchill had it all. Attack, defence, goal-kicking, support play, the man could do everything well.

2. Harold Horder – Horder is often regarded as the finest attacking player the game has ever seen. Scored 102 tries in just 86 games for the Rabbitohs.

3. Eric Simms – Still holds the club record for most points. Simms was so efficient at kicking field goals that they were changed to 1 point only. A top goal-kicker for the ages.

4. Paul Sait – A doggedly ferocious competitor, Sait started out as an efficient centre for the Rabbitohs. He would later move to his preferred position of lock.

5. Benny Wearing – The greatest ever try scorer in Rabbitohs’ history. Broke and still holds numerous records and was known as the ‘people’s champion.’

6. Alfred Blair – Seen as one of the Rabbitohs’ greatest ever captains, Blair’s fearless leadership and leading from the front, helped him to establish that viewpoint. Tactically, he was one of the best of his time.

7. Craig Coleman – Sharp passing, crisp service and as courageous as a lion, Coleman was a nifty little player for the Rabbitohs. One of their greatest ever.

8. Sam Burgess – An absolute bruiser of a forward, Burgess ran hard, hit hard, played hard and knew how to play the game and score a try. One of the best Englishman we have ever seen play NRL.

9. Elwyn Walters – A tenacious hooker, Walters was not flashy or quick. What he possessed, though, was smarts and awareness and the ability to make the hard yards very quickly.

10. John Sattler – The broken jaw. One of the most iconic moments in grand final history. Sattler was a hothead at times but his leadership was among the best you will ever see.

11. John Sutton – One of the best forwards to ever play for South Sydney. His tireless approach, his deft ball-playing ability and his leadership embodied his time at the club.

12. Bob McCarthy – Revolutionised the back-row position by standing and running out wide. Scored over 100 tries for the Rabbitohs and was seen as the greatest blind-side forward in the world.

13. Ron Coote – Tall and long-legged, his stature enabled his running style to be effective. On top of ruthless cover defence and a will to win, Coote is one of the greatest ever to play the game.

14. John O’Neill – A boy from the bush, O’Neill’s ferociousness and ruggedness saw him set the benchmark for props. His runs through the ruck were damaging and put the Rabbitohs on the right foot.

15. Ian Moir – A tremendous winger in his own right, Moir was regarded as the fastest player of the 1950’s. His speed mixed with his finishing, he was a crucial player for the Rabbitohs.  

16. Mario Fenech – Although he was hot-headed, Fenech matured into a great captain and was revered by his team-mates for his selfless play.

17. George Treweek – Described as being gangly and all ‘arms and legs’, Treweek made a successful transition to the back-row and never looked back. Regarded by many as the greatest back-rower.

South Sydney Rabbitohs legend Mario Fenech

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