Cronulla Sharks centre Josh Dugan

NRL Best Bets- Round 4

North Queensland Cowboys vs Cronulla Sharks

Both teams are going into this game with vastly different levels of emotions.

The Sharks only played the first half last week as they unravelled in the second half against the Tigers.

The Cowboys were on the other side of the spectrum, as they blew out a poor Titans team.

The Cowboys lose their best player in Taumalolo this week due to bruising on the knee.

The key change for the Sharks is that Moylan will replace an injured Townsend.

Betting on the Sharks isn’t easy as it goes against my moral fibre to root for a team who I deeply despise.

However, I will put by morals aside to win money and I believe that the Cowboys are being overvalued.

The Sharks aren’t good, but I believe with Moylan and Johnson being paired in the halves it will add some spice to the attack and will promote an attacking style of footy.

The Sharks will take much more risks on attack, unlike the Cowboys who are more focused on completing sets (80%, 3rd in NRL) and controlling the game (59% possession 2nd in NRL).

Cronulla Sharks halfback Shaun Johnson

Stats and teams aside, this just feels like the most Sharks game ever.

Every season when you think they are bad, they pull off a win and stay in the conversation as a team who can make the 8.

If the Sharks continue to win me money, I will seriously consider becoming their main sponsor.

Sharks +3.5

Sharks H2H

Canterbury Bulldogs v St George Illawarra Dragons

Hungry dogs run faster, who is hungrier?

The Dragons have been hammered in the media following their loss to the Warriors, and specifically coach Paul McGregor.

While I think McGregor is a mediocre coach, I think people are speaking too soon.

Everyone from sports media, NRL fans and Dragons supporters have turned on him. I will continue to support coach McGregor and his coaching endeavours if he continuous to win me money.

Canterbury Bulldogs half Kieran Foran

The only change for the Bulldogs is Kieran Foran who returns to the halves along side Lachlan Lewis.

On the other hand, the key changes for the Dragons included dropping Dufty and moving Norman to fullback and both Isaac Luke and Trent Merrin have been added into the team.

Bulldogs are going to be a scrappy team, and I believe they know that.

In past years, they have relied on strong willed defence to win them games.

However, this isn’t the case this year as they have missed 109 tackles (3rd in NRL), made 49 Ineffective tackles (3rd in NRL) and lead the NRL in errors at 44.

Foran being back in the side will provide the team with more direction but won’t be able to hide the Bulldogs poor edge defence.

Both of these teams have problems, but which team has less?

These are the games that the Dragons have to win, they can’t lose to bottom tier teams or the heat will be turned up on the coach and by proxy the players.

St George Illawarra Dragons utility back Corey Norman

Being in the spotlight puts the entire team in front of the relentless media.

I think the Dragons will want to reduce the head noise they are currently experiencing.

While the Dragons lack a strong leader on the field, players like Paul Vaughn, Tariq Sims and James Graham will lead my example and will set the tone and tempo against a mediocre Bulldogs team.

Dragons H2H

Side Plays

Storm -6.5

Eels vs Manly U40.5

Panthers -6

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