Gold Coast Titans halfback Ashley Taylor

It was the Wests Tigers who started as favourites but the Gold Coast Titans were desperate for their opening win.

In two days, had the Titans not won, it would have marked a year since their most last NRL win.

The Tigers opened the scoring on their first trip to the Titans end.

Five minutes in, Benji Marshall gave it under to Adam Doueihi who had enough space to power over the line.

He was almost held up but he got the ball down and Marshall converted. The Tigers lead 6-0.

Another five minutes later, the Tigers would crack the scoreboard again.

At the halfway line, the Titans lead a raid down the left side.

Ashley Taylor threw a cutout ball which was intercepted by David Nofoaluma who out jogged Jai Arrow to score.

Again, Marshall converted to make the lead 12-0.

20 minutes into the game, the Titans would get their first points on the board.

Taylor barely kicked a 40/20 before Kevin Proctor crashed over the line. Taylor converted to lower the deficit to 12-6.

Again, five minutes later, the Titans got a try to level the score.

Taylor put a crossfield bomb up for Anthony Don to make a magnificent catch and bring it down for a four-pointer.

Taylor converted to level the scores at 12-all. This score remained until half time.

The Tigers came out firing in the second half with a very early try. Luke Brooks bombed and the Titans let it bounce.

The Tigers got the ball and put it through the hands to the right side.

David Nofoaluma kicked back in perfectly to Joey Leilua who scored a try of the year contender.

Benji Marshall horribly hooked it to keep the lead 16-12 to the Tigers.

10 minutes later, the Tigers had the ball back down the Titans end.

On the last tackle, Benji Marshall and Luke Brooks were both unable to kick so the ball ended up with Doueihi.

Doueihi put in a crossfield kick to Nofoaluma who beat Dale Copley to it to score.

Marshall kicked the goal to make the lead 22-12.

The Titans would hit back a few minutes later.

On the Tigers goal line, Keegan Hipgrave powered over for his first NRL try of his career in his 29th game.

Taylor converted from right in front to lower the deficit to 22-18.

With 10 minutes left, the Titans again crossed the line.

Taylor dribbled a grubber into the corner and Brian Kelly picked it up to score.

Taylor missed the goal to keep the score 22-all and the grandstand finish was set up!

With just 3 minutes left, with the scores tied, it was the 300 game veteran, Benji Marshall who kicked the field goal.

The Tigers led 23-22 but the game wasn’t over.

After a short kickoff, with 2 minutes left, the Titans put a grubber through.

Phillip Sami dived on it to score and win the game.

Taylor converted to make the winning lead 28-23!

NRL News Player of the Game

3. Ashley Taylor (GLD)

2. David Nofoaluma (WST)

  1. Keegan Hipgrave (GLD)
Wests Tigers winger David Nofoaluma

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