Another week, another video recap, as we go over the best try from each game and provide some analysis.

Reed Mahoney and Junior Paulo combine again in Parramatta Eels win over Melbourne Storm.

This is the second time that Reed Mahoney and Junior Paulo have combined for a try for the Eels.

The quick play the ball allows Mahoney to take off and drag Papenhuyzen towards him.

As he takes the line on, he passes to the hard-running Paulo who runs a tremendous line at speed to take the ball.

His size and power are just too much for Tyson Smoothy and Jahrome Hughes to handle.

Bradman really is Best as he sets up the match-winner in Newcastle Knights win over New Zealand Warriors.

Needing points and something special, the Knights made a shift down the left to try and produce some magic.

Bradman Best gets the ball with a bit of room to move and is able to easily avoid the rushing Peta Hiku who makes a poor defensive decision.

Not expecting that he would have to make a tackle, Kodi Nikorima is too slow to react and by that time, all he can do is slow Best down.

Best, who is aware that his offloading arm cannot touch the ground, uses the weight of his other arm to support himself.

He offloads smartly to Hymel Hunt who does the rest to score the match-winner.

A barnstorming David Fifita scores for Gold Coast Titans in win over Brisbane Broncos.

David Fifita came to play against his former side and the nice little setup for his second try is worth analyzing.

Anthony Milford is caught watching Jamal Fogarty take it to the line and drifts across to his left ever so slightly.

As Fogarty’s pass hits Fifita at speed and on the chest, that slight misjudgment by Milford is enough for Fifita to power onto the ball and zoom past him.

Tesi Niu is also caught backtracking and is thus unable to come across and make a tackle attempt.

Fifita’s acceleration and power are too much for both Milford and Jamayne Isaako to handle and he scores.

Deft footwork, a good decoy, and a bullet pass gift Viliame Kikau a try for the Penrith Panthers against the Canterbury Bulldogs.

As the play unfolds on the back of the pass from Mitch Kenny, Jarome Luai is already analysing the play before it even happens.

An underrated aspect of the play is the decoy run by Stephen Crichton as he distracts Will Hopoate enough to allow for the space.

With the ball in flight, Viliame Kikau lumbered onto the pass and with a deft right foot step almost simultaneously, evaded Will Hopoate and raced past the rushing Dallin Watene-Zelezniak.

In the end, despite the close nature to the try-line, the play was well executed and well taken.

Cody Walker starts and finishes a South Sydney Rabbitohs try against the Manly Sea Eagles.

Starting with some quick dummy half service, as Cody Walker takes the line on, he makes his way further left.

Moses Suli has pushed too far in and as the ball makes its way to Latrell Mitchell who bats it on, Jason Saab has to commit and account for Suli’s shuffling.

In doing so, Alex Johnston has a yard of space on the wing and his speed is too much for Saab and Suli.

Back on the inside, he finds Walker, the man who started it all and the Bunnies go over to score.

Ben Hunt’s floater catches North Queensland Cowboys defenders off guard and Mikaele Ravalawa scores for the St George Illawarra Dragons.

The play starts with Ben Hunt at first receiver whose pass finds Josh Kerr. Kerr is able to spin in the tackle and offload back to Hunt.

The play is opened up by the poor defensive decision from Jake Clifford to rush up and make an attempted tackle on Kerr.

Spotting the overlap, Hunt floats the ball over the top of both Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow and Valentine Holmes, who have both rushed up as a result.

Although Dragons winger Mikaele Ravalawa still has some work to do, he executes perfectly using speed, power, and strength to get his way over the line.

Fletcher Baker scores on debut for Sydney Roosters in win over Wests Tigers after well-worked lead-up from Lindsay Collins.

Joey Manu starts the play and drifts across from right to left. In doing so, runs past Jacob Liddle who reads the play poorly and follows him.

Manu passes back on the inside and finds prop Lindsay Collins who shows surprising acceleration and nifty footwork to hit the gap.

The gap is created both by Liddle slipping at the inopportune moment and James Tamou being late to react to Collins’ receiving the pass.

Collins powers through and lofts the ball back on the inside for Fletcher Baker to score on debut.

The simple crash play sees Hudson Young score for Canberra Raiders against the Cronulla Sharks.

What seems like a simple crash ball play is made so much better by the experience and guile of Josh Hodgson.

At dummy half, he looks left, shapes to pass left but instead cuts back to the right at speed.

With Matt Moylan and Wade Graham both on their heels and not set defensively, Hodgson’s pass to Hudson Young is well-executed.

Young surges onto the pass and is able to hit the small gap in between Moylan and Graham and bustle his way over to score.


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