Money movers

These are the players who will either make lots of money this round (cash cows) or lose a lot of money this round (cash flops)

*NOTE* BE=Breakeven. The amount a player has to score in order to not change in value. The lower the BE the better

Cash Cows?

Jayden Brailey 356k: -54 BE

Reed Mahoney 478k: -52 BE

Jacob Liddle 247k: -52 BE

Ryan James 236k: -52 BE

Tesi Niu 232k: -48 BE

Daine Laurie 223k: -44 BE

Brett Morris 637k: -42 BE

Ben Hunt 450k: -35 BE

Jordan Riki 277k: -26 BE

Daniel Alvaro 255k: -23 BE

Cash flops?

Corey Allan 545k: 144 BE

Alexander Brimson 650k: 141 BE

David Nofoaluma 670k: 138 BE

Adam Reynolds 528k: 127 BE

Ryan Matterson 666k: 126 BE

Daly Cherry-Evans 570k: 126 BE

Josh Mansour 594k: 122 BE

Kurt Mann 570k: 120 BE

Kyle Feldt 508k: 118 BE

Parramatta Eels hooker Reed Mahoney

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