Plenty of highlights from round four and we will pick the top plays from each game and analyse how it happened and what contributed to the try.

Charlie Staines’ speed sets up Penrith Panthers’ try in big win over Manly Sea Eagles.

As the play shifts to the right, the Panthers are poised to score.

Nathan Cleary takes the line on but the play is created and set up by the pure speed of Charlie Staines.

Staines gets on the outside of Kieran Foran who cannot keep up, is able to draw in Jack Gosiewski, which opens up space for Paul Momirovski.

Momirovski is able to cut back inside because of the space created by Gosiewski and only has Reuben Garrick to beat, which he does, to plant the ball down.

Cody Walker’s vision sets up Alex Johnston in South Sydney Rabbitohs big win over Canterbury Bulldogs.

This play probably highlights, more than anything else, where the Bulldogs are at as a defensive unit.

As they look to create some defensive pressure with their line speed, all their players, including their winger on the right edge, have pushed up.

Spotting this and possessing a speedy winger in Alex Johnston on his left, Cody Walker deftly places a kick over the top and executes with pinpoint accuracy.

Johnston’s speed sees him get to the ball first with ease and he catches it and grounds it in one motion, catching the Bulldogs defenders off-guard.

The Melbourne Storm trickshot works yet again in a resounding win over the Brisbane Broncos.

On the surface of this play, it would appear that the Broncos have the numbers to slide and prevent the try.

As the play develops, though, it is the work of two players that gives Storm winger George Jennings the space to get on the outside and score.

As the ball shifts left, Tom Eisenhuth runs a beautiful defensive line and does just enough to halt the Broncos sliding defence as a result.

His line does just enough to have Anthony Milford second-guessing his defensive decision.

Coming in behind the play and acting as a sweeper is Ryan Papenhuyzen.

His bullet-like cut-out pass sees Jennings get on the outside of Broncos winger David Mead and Jennings does the rest.

Miracle offload by Braden Hamlin-Uele contributes to a big Cronulla Sharks win over North Queensland Cowboys.

Aside from the miracle offload, this try eventuates due to a poor attempt to rush upon the ball carrier.

As Chad Townsend goes left, a half-gap behind the Cowboys defensive line opens up which Braden Hamlin-Uele exploits.

That gap is created because Cowboys half Ben Hampton has rushed up, allowing Hamlin-Uele to go through.

Try as he might, Lachlan Burr is unable to bring Hamlin-Uele to ground and he pops the miraculously scintillating offload for Matt Moylan to score.

Classy Corey Thompson finish on the back of David Fifita’s work sees Gold Coast Titans score their only try in a loss to the Canberra Raiders. 

Shifting the ball left, it would appear that there was no play on. However, with David Fifita in your side, anything and everything is possible.

With some quick feet and an ability to offload, Fififta’s pass finds Tanah Boyd who just evades Bailey Simonsson to get open space.

On his outside is Philip Sami who contemplates going himself and an ever so subtle feint back on the inside is enough to allow Corey Thompson to score.

That slight feint creates just enough space for the reliable finisher in Thompson to score in the corner.

A barnstorming Tariq Sims scores the first of his two tries in the St George Illawarra Dragons win over the Newcastle Knights.

As Adam Clune moves across the field and towards the line, his run draws in Tyson Frizell who was standing in the Knights defensive line.

As he reaches the line, he lays on a lovely short ball to Tariq Sims.

Although Frizell has created the gap in the line, it is the acceleration with which Sims moves that allows him to burst through with ease.

That quick burst of speed is too much for a retreating Jacob Saifiti to handle and he flies past the remaining Knights resistance.

Sam Walker’s poise sets up Nat Butcher in Sydney Roosters solid win over the New Zealand Warriors.

Impressing on debut, it is the subtle but deliberate quickstep from Sam Walker that creates both an extra yard of space and forces Sean O’Sullivan to commit.

As Walker moves to his right to find a teammate, his quickstep and slight burst of acceleration proves too much for Jack Murchie to keep up.

With the slight edge having beaten Murchie, O’Sullivan has to make a defensive decision and opts to go in on Walker.

That small gap opens up and Walker delivers a quality pass at the line for Butcher who takes the defender over the line to score.

Reed Mahoney’s deft shortside pass to Tom Opacic catches Wests Tigers off guard as Parramatta Eels record the win.

A good shortside play can often be tough to defend, especially when a player thinks quick hands will be involved.

The game awareness of Reed Mahoney to deliver a short pass on the shortside near the line, is what creates that extra yard of space for Tom Opacic.

The Tigers defence is anticipating a pass to Clint Gutherson at first receiver, evidenced by their decision to shift left.

Adam Doueihi’s slight move in that direction allows the hard-running Opacic to burst onto the pass.

He does the rest and scores but it is the deft pass from Mahoney at the line that creates the play.


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