Warrior Josh Curran was seen running through the Dolphins Central carpark with his majestic mullet flowing wildly behind him on Friday morning.

Some of the boys had already made their way to their favourite lunch spot, the OVER THERE CAFE before Curran pulled up.

He was seen getting out of the car and zipping through the car park to avoid looking like a contestant in a wet t-shirt competition.

The Warriors back rower who has just recently re-signed with the club until the end of 2024 is a regular at the cafe, along with the likes of Matt Lodge, Ash Taylor, Shaun Johnson and assistant coach Stacey Jones.

I’m sure the cafe will miss them come the end of the 2022 season when the Warriors will make their way back to New Zealand (pending Covid and restrictions) – hopefully the big boppers from the new NRL franchise the Dolphins can fill the void and keep the cafe busy – I’m looking at you, Jesse and Kenny Bromwich.

Happy to report Curran’s mullet remained intact and was not messed up during the downpour.

By Loz

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