The trial game between the New Zealand Warriors and Gold Coast Titans at Moreton Daily Stadium in Redcliffe was washed out today due to the weather currently impacting South East Queensland.

The 2nd pre-season match for the Warriors was scheduled to be their first game played in 2022 at their temporary home for the upcoming season.

The South East area of Queensland has been experiencing wet weather during the last week, with some areas seeing 1400mls over roughly 4 days, towns being told to prepare for evacuation and councils sending out messages to residents to stay home unless necessary.

There have also been some fatalities as a result of this weather with people being washed away, including an SES volunteer who was trying to save someone.

These conditions are not just a “wet weather day”; these conditions are dangerous and even life threatening in some areas.

The Redcliffe Peninsula and surrounding suburbs have seen big rainfall totals since Wednesday night, with Redcliffe currently receiving 152.4mls today and still rising as I write this, with no sign of it easing for the next 48 hours.

The Moreton Bay Regional Council made the decision to close council parks and sporting fields yesterday, however, a decision on the trial at Moreton Daily Stadium was not made until this morning.

The reason behind postponing the game was to ensure the safety of not only the players and staff of both teams, but also to spectators trying to make their way to the game.

The trial game will now be played on Monday night at CBUS Stadium on the Gold Coast with kick off at 7pm AEST and there will be no crowds.

This could change again once this weather makes its way down the coast and into the Gold Coast region as seen on forecasts for the next few days.

New Zealand Warriors fullback Reece Walsh

By Loz

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