ANZAC clash to have special significance for SKD

ANZAC Day means a lot to many Australians and New Zealanders, but for New Zealanders especially, it will take on an added significance this year, in light of the horrific earthquake in Christchurch.

For Roosters centre Shaun Kenny-Dowall, who had cousins and an uncle lose their home, he is still coming to grips with the devastation that they suffered from the natural disaster.

Kenny-Dowall, who was assisting with the launch of ticket sales for the Roosters, spoke of the personal pain that he is feeling for his family members in Christchurch.

“I’ve got some family in Christchurch and they were unfortunate to lose their house so that’s a pretty tough time for them,” he said.

“I’m just very fortunate that they’re all right and they’re safe, they’re fine, but it’s still a sad time and we remember all those that weren’t so lucky.”

The centre, who enjoyed his career-best season in the NRL, following the move from the wing, into the centres, said that his large family in NZ and other places, have all donated money to help family members affected by the earthquake.

“They have a bit of a problem with the insurance companies because there’s been a lot of damage there,” he said.

“So they have to wait and they reckon it’s going to take up to four years to rebuild their houses and their lives.

“They’re just fortunate, we’ve got a good family, we all look after each other over there in New Zealand and I think they’ll be all right.

“Anzac Day’s a good time to remember both countries and, with all the stuff that’s going on in New Zealand, it will be a good time to reflect on that as well.

“(My) family and friends in Christchurch keep telling me what an amazing job the New Zealand Defence Force is doing to help out people affected by the earthquake – it’s a lot like the way the Australians helped here during the Queensland floods and the Victorian bushfires.”

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