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Here at NRL News, we pride ourselves on providing you with a whole range of rugby league content from the NRL, the Super League, local rugby league and all international leagues around the world.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible overall coverage of anything to do with rugby league and ensure that your time spent on the site means you return again.

Keep in mind, we also have a Twitter page – @NRLNEWS – and a Facebook group – NRL News Site – both of which are flourishing and also available to have discussions galore on all things rugby league.

Ultimately, providing the latest content and user-submitted articles is something we enjoy doing and with a passion for rugby league across the board, getting involved is the only way to go.

For more information or if you just want to get in touch with the site administrator, contact rascenso892@outlook.com.


6 thoughts on “About NRL News”
  1. Yeah, a few issues today, Les.
    Majority are all fixed, still working on one integral one to do with the forum. You can view but can’t post right now – it’s weird. Looking into it.

  2. Hi Ricky,

    Adam Sutcliffe’s sister here. I haven’t checked out the site for quite some time and when I logged on today to see the new layout and format I was blown away. This is looking truly amazing!!

    Adam would be sooooo thrilled to see what you’ve done with the site and he’d be so happy knowing it’s in such great hands!

    Awesome work x

  3. Hey Tenielle,

    Great to hear from you 🙂
    Yeah, made some tweaks and adjustments to some things with the help of a friend to keep it/make it a bit more modern. Nice sleek look.

    He’s the one that got me into all of it and I’m forever grateful for that, so I’ll make sure that the site always stays up, in-tact and available for all to see and visit!

    Thanks. 🙂

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