O’Donnell and PartnerRecovering North Queensland Cowboy Luke O’Donnell has been open about his anger towards the Wests Tigers and in particular Liam Fulton. The upcoming match between the Tigers and the Cowboys is shaping to be one of the biggest early season matches.

Put simply, O’Donnell is one of the few remaining true hard heads in the game. While some NRL players can pull the bluff about their biff and others assert their authority through physical defence, with Luke O’Donnell there is no mucking around.

For those that can remember a running battle O’Donnell had with Danny Nutley in 2007 you’ll understand the fierce timebomb that ticks inside Luke O’Donnell. After a stoush with Nutley, O’Donnell hunting him down and really had Nutley running for cover – something that is rarely seen from a tough man like Nutley.

Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that Luke O’Donnell used to play for Wests Tigers and actually went to the same school as Liam Fulton, albeit a few years ahead of him. There is absolutely no doubt fireworks will erupt when these teams meet, regardless of coaches instructions to O’Donnell – he will be like a hunter in the woods, chasing the man that killed his mother.

Maybe it might be convenient for Liam Fulton to get an injury before the Tigers meet the Cowboys in Round 2? There would be no shame in that, because many a man has feared O’Donnell and this time he really wants no prisoners.

Bring on the League I say. This will be nice entree to what should be an awesome main course in 2008.

By ricky

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