It’s got everyone in Rugby League circles talking, ‘that’ hit by Karmichael Hunt on Braith Anasta. An attempted shoulder charge by Karmichael went wrong, as the Roosters Braith Anasta fell into the tackle – causing a sickening collision, Anasta’s head snapping back upon connection with the point of Hunts shoulder.While the shoulder charge looks bad, there is no question that Anasta falling into the tackle made things a lot worse. Braith Anasta himself has said that there was no blame to be laid at the feet of Karmichael and it seemed likely the Rooster would go into bat at the judiciary should the Broncos need it.

Quickly following the Craig Wing prowler incident, the shoulder charge has quickly become public enemy number 1. While no one likes to see NRL players injured, the shoulder charge remains a great spectacle of our game and the outlawing of it would be a shame. The NRL currently has a great product and while it’s smart to consistently improve, changing a winning formula too much isn’t smart business.

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