Wests Tigers Graple Tackle Exponents in 2008NRL official Greg McCallum has admitted all NRL teams playing in the competition today use grapple or wrestling techniques during games.

Recently released figures clearly show how much wrestling is being done in the head and neck region, surprisingly with the Wests Tigers coming out as the worst offenders slightly in front of the Rabbitohs.

McCallum and his review officials have scoured through 214 wrestling citations which involved grappling around the neck so far in NRL 2008 – with many feeling that the Melbourne Storm would be miles in front.

But McCallum said: “The Storm weren’t the only club that have been charged with grapple tackles.

“The stats show its universal. A few other clubs did it too and have become good at it.”

McCallum said his committee would continue to monitor every game to protect player’s heads and necks.

“Every time a referee penalises for any kind of grapple or illegal hold, we will review it,” McCallum said.

“We’ve been vigilant in the past, we are vigilant now and we will continue to do so in the future.”

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