With all of his family back in Sydney, the Gold Coast, and other parts of NSW, Storm centre Beau Champion is having serious trouble adapting to life in Melbourne.

Despite all this however, he is trying to not think about it as much, as he knows that the chance to play for Melbourne is doing wonders for his career, both now and in the future.

The move to Melbourne came about, after Souths signed former Melbourne player, Greg Inglis, which paved the way for a move, albeit, a reluctant one, for Champion to move South to Melbourne.

Whilst he is relishing the chance to play alongside the likes of Cameron Smith, Cooper Cronk, and Billy Slater, Champion admitted that adjusting to life in Melbourne has been tougher than he thought.

”When my manager asked me if I wanted to go and play in Melbourne, I was originally against the idea,” Champion said.

”I had only been to Melbourne once before in my life, and I had no family down there. But, in the end, I thought it was the best thing for my football, to go down there and give it a go. I’ve learned so much so far, and I enjoy playing with all these boys.

”But I really miss some things that I liked to do outside of football in Sydney, which took my mind off football.”

Despite his concerns however, Champion said that both Storm coach Craig Bellamy and Storm Football Manager Frank Ponissi had responded well to any of Champion’s concerns.

”They said that over the next month or so they would look at how we can improve things away from football,” he said.

‘Maybe get some of the family down to visit. Also, my girlfriend is down next week. It’s got nothing to do with the football side of things – it’s just trying to sort out my life away from football. It’s very different to what I have experienced in the past.

”I’m continually calling my father. I speak to my family consistently, and they just want me to be happy away from the football field. Over the next month or so I will weigh up all my options, and see where it takes me.”

Whilst playing for Melbourne, Champion has admitted that he is entertaining the possible thought of joining the Gold Coast in 2012.

”Half of my family live between Ballina and the Gold Coast,” he said. ”A lot of my family flow through that area, down to Coffs Harbour, and I have some really close friends who live on the Gold Coast.”

For the Storm, in this case, they understand Champion’s situation. On the matter, Ponissi said:

”He’s lived all his life in Sydney. People have to remember it was a quick change for him, a massive change. But, football-wise, he is loving it.”

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