It is now the second time in as many seasons that Gold Coast Titans halfback Scott Prince has explored his options in the off-season, despite being contracted to the club – but this time, it looks more and more likely it will become a reality.

As the rumours and talk begin, the Gold Coast Titans have confirmed that Prince does indeed have an offer on the table from Superleague club Hull FC – and that if he makes the choice to leave, they will not stand in his way.

Titans Football Manager Scott Clark confirmed the deal, and said that the club will now sit down with Prince to discuss his future.

“We can confirm there is an offer on the table for Princey. He’s got to work through that and we’ll work through it with him,” Clark said.

“At the moment we’ve had no discussions with him. We’d have to see what Scott thinks is best for him and his future and weigh up some options.

“If Scott is keen to entertain that offer and seek a release then we’ve got to work through it from there.”

Prince still has 1 year left on his Titans contract, with CEO David May refusing to say whether the club would release him or not – with his preferred option being for Prince to remain with the club.

“With all our players, if they put the effort in and are loyal to the club we’ll always be loyal to them,” May said.

“If it was down to me, I’d have him stay but it’s a short career and we’ll let him decide what he wants to do.

“It’s Scott’s decision. He’s a foundation player and captain of the club.

“He’s been instrumental in creating the Titans brand. He came to the club and made us what we are.”

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