David Mead

Off-contract at the end of the 2013 NRL season, and in no rush to commit to the Gold Coast Titans at this stage – winger David Mead will explore all of his options, including staying at the Titans, but salary cap issues may prevent him from remaining on the Gold Coast.

Whilst Mead is happy on the Gold Coast, at the age of 24, now is the time when a player considers their worth in the NRL, chasing a contract that they believe suits them best.

With the uncertainty about Mead's future, who was on a rather small deal – the preference for the winger is to remain somewhere in Queensland, if not at the Gold Coast.

“It's a hard one. I'm 24 now and the next two contracts I sign will bring me close to 30,” he said.

“I'd like to stay in Queensland and the Titans preferably.

“I've been here a while and feel good on the Coast.

“I'd like to stay committed to the Titans because I'm still young and have really enjoyed my time here.”

Like with any player, personal friendships play a big part in whether they remain at a club, and with the close bonds Mead has formed on the Gold Coast over the years, it will play a big part in his possible decision to stay.

“I've developed friendships with my teammates and want to help this club win a premiership,” he said.

“That's the first thing I'd think about but I'd have to assess all the options down the track.”

Although the desire to eventually play fullback is something Mead wishes to explore, he said it will play no part in the decision that he ends up making, surrounding his future.

“As long as I'm out there (I don't mind),” he said.

“If Carty (coach John Cartwright) puts me anywhere — centre, wing, fullback or five-eighth even — I'll just do it.”

Despite all the speculation on his future, however, Mead has not put a time-frame on when he wants the deal sorted – instead, he plans to let negotiations take their course.

“I could get a contract at the start of the year and have some security or I could play really well and get my player value up a bit more,” he said.

“But I could get injured at the start of the year and my negotiating value will go down.”


By ricky