Already contracted until the end of 2024, Beau Fermor has wasted no time in committing his future to the Gold Coast Titans for even longer, re-signing until the end of 2026.

Originally hailing from Dalby, Queensland, Fermor made the decision with his family to remain on the Gold Coast long-term.

In what has been a breakout season for Fermor at the Titans, his form warranted selection in the larger Queensland Maroons squad.

Admitting that it is different from his home town, Fermor is committed and ready to settle down on the Gold Coast and with the Titans.

“It’s a bit different from where I’m from in Dalby, having these beautiful beaches,” Fermor said.

“I’m pumped that I can be here for a few more years now and raise my young family here.

“It’s close enough to Dalby that my mum and dad and all our grandparents and everyone like that can come and see little Coopa, Monique and myself.”

Although the Titans side have not reached their objectives this year, Fermor is pleased with his individual form and has quickly become a fan favourite.

“Obviously we haven’t gone how we wished we would have gone and thought we probably would have gone at the start of the year, but I guess we’ve taken a lot of learnings out of the year,” Fermor admitted.

“On a personal note, I’m really happy with the year that I’ve had and I think that I’ve improved a lot and been able to lock down that starting role for pretty much the whole year now.”

One person also pleased with Fermor’s form and new contract is Titans head coach Justin Holbrook.

“Beau is such a hard worker and has really applied himself this season and I’m excited to see him extend his time and be part of our squad until the end of 2026,” Holbrook said.

“His attitude and effort epitomises the type of player we want to have here long-term and he is completely invested in what we are developing on the Coast.

“He joins a wonderful core group of young players here at the Titans who are committed to bringing success to the Gold Coast in the years to come.”

Although 2022 may not be the year for the Titans, Fermor is optimistic that the future can change that and a good, core squad played a further part in extending his contract.

“With the club, I want to be consistently successful, playing in the finals every year and challenging for a premiership and that ultimate goal is to bring the first premiership back to the Gold Coast,” Fermor said.

“That’s one of the big reasons why I wanted to re-sign and I wanted to be part of the team that wins that first trophy for the for the city and for our members and fans.

“That’s something that I’m really motivated to working towards and something that I’m really excited about.”

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