NRL News’ – ‘The Grubber‘ wants to get a few things off his chest, here they are:

1. TripleM Monday Night Football – It’s great. They don’t bother you with meaningless, trivial details like the score, field position or the tackle count. Instead they focus on the important stuff, inane and annoying nicknames, bad metaphors and time wasting crosses to their sideline eye. Worse still is when they travel to Queensland and invite Kevin Walters into the box – yeeesh! And I thought Laurie Daley was biased!

2. The Final Winter – I attended the premiere of “The Final Winter” on Sunday night. For those who haven’t heard anything about this movie (and I was in that camp until Sunday), it’s loosely based on the drama that was the Newtown Jets in the early 80’s, before John Singleton’s inept management led to their exclusion from the NSWRL. It’s not a true story, but it certainly brings in some of the themes in the code at the point in time including the cleaning up of the game’s image and the move toward a more corporate style management. It’s also kind of like “This Sporting Life”, which is one of the great sporting movies of all time and which also focused exclusively on rugby league. The cast was there for the premiere and they answered questions afterwards, so that was pretty cool. I was pretty impressed with the movie. The attention to detail in respect of the historical nuances is great, and the action on the field is pretty good too (and a whole lot better than Footy Legends from what I’ve heard). There’s also heaps of cameos (worth looking out for) and the acting performances from the non-actors (Matt Nable and Matthew Johns) are pretty decent. Hopefully it gets a reasonably decent release and plenty of league fans will go and see it.

(NB: The Final Winter is a Rugby League Film recently screened at the Sydney Film Festival) for more information on ‘The Final Winter’ please see the IMDB Movie Information Database –

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The Grubber

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