Rugby League’s most senior whistle blower; NRL referee Steve Clark has today retired from the NRL referee ranks.

Nicknamed the ‘Terminator’ by NRL News in the past 12 months, the reliable Steve Clark has quit his refereeing job to take up a development position within the NRL ranks – keeping the experienced League official in the game.

It certainly seems the NRL looks after it’s former whistle blowers with Steve Clark joining the likes of Greg McCallum and Grahame Annesley within the NRL’s official ranks.

Several sources hinted to NRL News throughout the year that Steve Clark would retire, notching up control of over 400 first grade games – many of the current players found it harder to relate to Steve Clark as opposed to the new guard of Tony Archer and Shayne Hayne. Ever the perfectionist; Steve Clark was a referee dedicated to policing the game to the absolute letter of the law. Sometimes this mentality led Clark on penalty spree’s – turning the game into a Rugby Union style match with stoppage after stoppage.

His experience has been rarely equaled by other referee’s and Clarks time at the top speaks volume of his skill and fitness as a first grade referee. A no nonsense referee that never wanted to take the spotlight from the players – Steve Clark will be missed; however his ability will be available to mentor the upcoming referee’s as they come through the ranks. It’s highly likely Steve Clark will be involved with video referee’ing next year, joining the likes of Bill Harrigan and Phil Cooley as the eyes in the sky.

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