As we approach kick-off for the 2008 NRL season, the team at NRL News will continue to give you our opinion every single day – on how your team performed in each and every match they play. Our unique reviews, our personal videos hosted with YouTube which include commentary, TV News snippets and other highlights are not to be missed.

Here at NRL News we aim to be totally unique and provide our unbiased opinion on each and every NRL match and all the major breaking news stories around Rugby League. If you want to hear it straight, every single day – then keep tuning in to the ‘Largest Private Rugby League Source of Information Online’. Unlike the big media and newspaper outlets, we are able to speak freely and express our true opinion on all the issues that matter – so you get the whole story, every time.

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And finally, don’t forget our famous weekend wrap up reviewer – ‘The Grubber’ will be back in 2008 and will continue to post his weekly ‘NRL Power Rankings’. So in addition to the NRL Table and Ladder, you get to see how your team is ranking according to their performance each week.

Buckle up folks, it’s going to be another great year of NRL Rugby League action and we look forward to sharing everything with you here at NRL News. You can reach us at any time on the following email address:

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