darren lockyer dont change nrl for superstars of rugby leagueThe worlds leader NRL player Darren Lockyer threw his opinion into the Mark Gasnier debate and said the NRL would be silly to change the games rules as they could ruin a top product just to try and keep icons like future French Rugby Union man Mark Gasnier.

Lockyer said there was nothing the NRL could do to compete with money from Union and other sources such as the UK Super League. Gasnier’s 2 year contract with French rugby club Stade Francais is estimated at around $1 million a season.

The current NRL salary cap ceiling of $4.1 million ensures no NRL club can match that kind of cash for one player and it’s unrealistic to think the local NRL product could sustain those kind of payments. Clubs are already battling to make ends meet, ensuring they don’t overstep the mark keeps a few clubs afloat.

“If you’re a good player, you’re going to get offers from overseas for really good money” claimed Lockyer

“You have to compare the money to the lifestyle and walking away from your state and country.”

“Obviously Gasnier thought he preferred to do all those things and do well for himself overseas. I wish him good luck.”

Lockyer admitted he too could face the same scenario in 12 months time, with his contract with Brisbane expiring at the end of next season.

But Lockyer said he wouldn’t pre-empt any decision on his future.

From tomorrow, there is only a 100 days until the Rugby League World Cup and Lockyer said he was hopeful of skippering the Kangaroos in the tournament after missing the last two Tests due to knee injuries.

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