Khoder NasserA private investigator last night trying to serve legal documents on Sonny Bill Williams’ manager Khoder Nasser at the Mundine fight in Newcastle, needed a Police escort from the venue after gang members supporting Nasser made threats against the PI.

Fearing for his own safety, the private investigator asked for his identity to be blocked – with his life in danger, his regular legal task turned into a terrifying ordeal..

The investigator, flanked by NSW Police members, said: “I was only trying to do my job, but at the end of the day it was just too dangerous.

“I had one fellow following me everywhere and there were all these threats being made.

“One of them said, ‘When you get him outside, you know what to do with him. Stick to him like s… to a blanket’.

“That’s when I had to call the police to escort me out of there.”

Things got real bad at the at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre when the investigator was hounded by several gang members claiming to be supporters of Khoder Nasser as the PI tried to gain access to the VIP section of the even.

In the end, it wasn’t worth placing his life at risk – as Nasser wasnt in attendance and is believed to be fleeing to the UK today to join Sonny Bill. By exiting Nasser now hopes to insulate himself from any legal action coming his way over the Sonny Bill Williams walk-out affair.

The incident is a major blow to the NRL and the Bulldogs, hoping court documents would make Nasser release the overseas location of the Sonny Bill Williams.

Legal reps for the NRL will try to serve documents again today, more thank likely at the Sydney airport before Nasser boards a plane for England.

Williams walked out on the NRL on Saturday to fly to England.

The court papers would have forced Nasser to hand over his mobile phone accounts and any other knowledge he may have had on Williams’ and his shock move to rugby outfit Toulon.

It is understood the papers were only valid until 10am Thursday.

The NRL is now bound to be forced to delay their court proceedings because of the events that erupted in Newcastle.

The investigator 2 police offers to escort him on the roads to his home when another car load of young men drove past him after leaving the venue.

Officers McDonald and Geerlof suggested it was best the investigator leave before the Mundine fight because there were no guarantees what might happen afterwards.

Newspaper journalists from the The Daily Telegraph also required a police escort when caught up in the middle of the pre-fight madness.

Outlets such as The Daily Telegraph – and other News Limited organisations – were banned from covering the Mundine stoush with Japan’s Crazy Kim, which Mundine won.

Mundine was spotted arriving at the venue by himself in a black Monaro just before 9pm – without his controversial manager. Nasser denied he was Williams’ agent on Sunday night.

But there has been suggestions Nasser will join the 22-year-old Williams in the coming days.

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  1. i live in papua new guinea and am a die hard follower of the nrl and iam dissapointed over sonny bills departure to france i dont think what sonny bill williams did was a good example for many young kids and fans who see him as a role model for the code at least he should have finished out the season with the dogs.

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