NRL Video Referee Steve Clark Video Decision WrongThe horror call made by Steve Clark last night that ruined the Bulldogs chances of a win against the Dragons should have been awarded, confirmed NRL ref boss Robert Finch.

The Bulldogs stormed home late through Luke Patten and Jamal Idris, scoring with 30 seconds left in the game.

The late try would have won them the match, but the video referee threw up the red light for a supposed obstruction involving Jamie Soward in the lead up.

The decision nearly turned violent, with the crowd angry and beginning to throw missiles onto the field. The result leaving many scratching their heads.

Bulldogs coach Kevin Moore had to be settled after the game and was asked to cool down by colleagues prior to the post match press conference. Moore saying the decision was one of the worst he had ever seen. A comment that many in the game have backed.

Ref Boss Robert Finch has agreed the wrong call had been made by video referee Steve Clark.

“From my review of the video, I am of the opinion it should have been awarded,” Finch said after the events.

“I still need to sit down with the video referees in the proper environment on Monday and that remains an important part of our process, but on what I have seen I can’t defend the decision.

“Steve said after the game that he felt Soward had been denied the opportunity to defend Luke Patten and he and the rest of the team need the chance to take me through their reasoning in more detail, but I think most people in the game would have seen it as a try and I did as well.

“I can understand the frustration a lot of people may feel today but these things can’t be undone and referees and video referees can only call it as they see it at the time.

While the error of Steve Clark is frustrating for all involved, it seems Jamie Soward needs to come in for attention here. The player clearly tried to ‘milk’ the penalty rather than make any effort to defend his line.

Soward has drawn comparisons with European Soccer, where famous faking and diving is common place. Sadly he has opened the door to this kind of thing in the NRL. Upon approaching Eastwood, as Soward tries to induce the collision, Eastwood is clearly seen to be raising his hands and making every effort to draw away from the player.

It’s all ancient history now. The Dragons win and continue their rise to the top of the ladder, Steve Clark is left to face the music and could possibly be stood down next week and Jamie Soward must now deal with his position in the incident, where he clearly ‘played’ for the foul and made no efforts to tackle the attacker.

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