Chris Walker NRL Super League Bradford Matt OrfordMatt Orford’s signing by the Bulls has hit rocky waters as departing Titans flanker Chris Walker announced he is going legal on UK Super League club Bradford after they confirmed the deal with the Sea Eagles number 7.

Orford, who only went public with the Super League agreement last week, may now be stuck in limbo-land after the Bulls chose to shelf the previous Walker deal so they were able to snare the available Orford.

Even before ‘The Ox’ was signed, the Bulls were already at their 5-man international player quota-limit. For the Gold Coasts’ Walker it was a nightmare – after he was signed last year and obviously didn’t renew with the Titans because of his UK Deal.

Manager of Walker – agent Chris Orr confirmed he has asked a legal team to immediately get in touch with UK Rugby League officials to overturn the Orford signing.

“We will be looking at all options and the players association will be looking at all options and until Chris Walker’s situation is resolved I can’t see how they can sign Matt Orford,” Orr confirmed.

“It sets a terrible precedence if clubs can stockpile contracts sat on their desk and pick and choose who they want to activate.

“There has got to be a duty of care.”

If there are no short-term developments both players could sit idle as the NRL season got underway.

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