matt-johns-rugby-league.jpgFormer League player and Channel 9 presenter Matt Johns is set to return to TV screens in 2010, but it seemingly will not be with Channel 9.

After being hung out to dry by much of the media, including Channel 9 during last season – Johns could go head to head with his old stations if a deal with either Channel 7 or Channel 10 materialises.

The move would be yet another crippling loss for Channel 9. Ever since the network has been without Kerry Packer it has lurched from one problem to another, they have long lost their Number 1 ranking in the TV game and it seems their lack of support for Johns during his hour of need will ultimately cost them dearly.

Now working with John Singleton, Matt Johns has plenty of appeal and rival networks are keen not only to have him in a Rugby League panel-show capacity – but also to potentially host a variety show to extend his reach.

In the background, Singleton is believed to be working on possible movie or series deals that can additionally enhance the profile and capacity of the former Newcastle and Cronulla Rugby League star.

The remaining piece of the puzzle seems to be around brother Andrew Johns. Will the brothers link to form a strong partnership on a rival network or will the new move for Matt force the siblings to go head to head?

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