Hearing of news that a team will not be performing in a national competition due to varying factors is largely disappointing, and for Welsh side, the South Wales Hornets, they have made the decision to sit out playing this year.

With changes to both the team itself and rugby league in South Wales, it was unforeseen circumstances that brought about the decision to sit out this year, with Chairman Mark Harris confirming that they would not be in the competition.

“Unfortunately, there won’t be any Hornets this season,” he explained.

“Jane [Harris, club secretary] and I had already told Martyn before he emigrated that we wouldn’t be involved this year due to family commitments.

“We’ve kept it quiet to keep stability in the club last season and also I wanted to try and work with Wales Rugby League to try and recruit new staff.

“Before Christmas, they had someone who was potentially interested but they have now pulled out. WRL don’t have the resources to run the team themselves, so regrettably, we have to call it a day.”

With a relatively large local junior base involved with the club, the hope is that those players do not lose faith in rugby league, and are thus able to find clubs elsewhere in the region.

“Due to differing reasons, we gave over 50 players an opportunity to play rugby league in our first year,” Harris added.

“Many of those had played the sport before – either stepping up from a Conference club or from the Academy system – but there quite a few who were being introduced to rugby league by the Hornets.

“Hopefully they are not lost to the game, in the same way that the club isn’t. We have left the door ajar should a situation arise in which we could return in the near future.”

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