In light of the sacking of Broncos coach Ivan Henjak, reports emerged of an apparent riff between captain Darren Lockyer, and Henjak, fueling speculation that he had a part in his downfall. A report in which Lockyer strenuously denies.

Despite the reports, Lockyer denies that the two had a falling out in light of Lockyer’s rib injury towards the back end of the 2010 season.

“That’s not true,” said Lockyer.

“I know there are some rumours going around that I had a falling out with Ivan but that wasn’t the case.

“We had a good relationship but at times last year when we were going through a pretty bad trot I think everyone was down a bit.

“But Ivan and I had a good relationship and there was never a falling out.”

Lockyer also said that he and his fellow team-mates were taken aghast by the sudden news of Henjak’s sacking.

“It all happened so quickly and yeah, it was a bit of surprise.

“But a decisions been made we need to move on with things.”

Asked if he thought it was unusual situation for a coach to be dropped before a team had played a game he said: “At the Broncos it’s not a regular thing.

“I’m not used to it but we can’t change the decision, it’s been made.

“Broncos fans may be a little bit worried now, but we as players just have to deal with it and let them know we’re behind the new coach.”

With all eyes now on new Broncos coach, assistant under Henjak, Anthony Griffin, he is confident that his previous coaching experience in the NRL will help him through.

“I know the coaching game. I’m ready to coach, I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t,” said the former Melbourne Storm assistant who has enjoyed good success in lower level coaching jobs.

“It is awkward. I must admit I was rattled when it happened to tell you the truth.

“The coaching game is a funny game. The media is always speculating and unfortunately there are coaches getting fired and hired every day of the week

“I’m a career coach, I’ve been doing it for a long time.

“I’ve been given an opportunity and I know how the team plays over the next 12 weeks or so, I’ll live and die by that, my career.

“I understand that and I’m looking forward to it.

“This is what I’ve been working for as a coach all my life.”

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