Round 3 was full of exciting tries so here we are, back again, to break down the best try from each match and highlight what made it possible.

Set scrum play sees Josh Addo-Carr score for Melbourne Storm in loss to Penrith Panthers.

All teams have a good scrum play at their disposal and the Storm are the best exponents of it.

As the play shifts left, Justin Olam acts as a rare decoy on the outside and does just enough to have Paul Momirovski backpedalling.

Momirovski is forced to chase Nicho Hynes who has received the ball, leaving a backtracking Charlie Staines one-on-one with Josh Addo-Carr.

The Storm winger does the rest and burns past him on pace to score a simple try.

Staines was unable to respond quickly enough to the play as Penrith was caught on the back foot.

Matt Dufty turns on the jets for the St George Illawarra Dragons in big win over Manly Sea Eagles

There are two key components to this play. One, the guile of Corey Norman to feign the shortside and then cut back on the inside. Two, Matt Dufty’s speed.

As Norman gets the ball at first receiver, he moves towards his left down the shortside, taking defender Jake Trbojevic with him.

At the last minute, Norman then delivers a pass back on his inside to a barnstorming Dufty.

By this time, having committed to his right in anticipation that Norman would go in that direction, Trbojevic cannot react in time to Dufty’s speed.

Dufty then flies past both Martin Taupau and Jason Saab to score under the posts.

Lovely Latrell Mitchell feign sees Cody Walker open scoring for South Sydney Rabbitohs against Sydney Roosters.

At dummy half, Latrell Mitchell feigns a play to his left down the short side. In doing so, he commits Joey Manu to make an attempted tackle.

This is actually a poor read from Manu, who has created the space behind the play for the try to develop.

Sensing the space, Mitchell swivels back towards his inside and finds crafty half Cody Walker who storms through the gap.

Walker steps the fullback with ease and makes it all look too easy.

Addin Fonua-Blake barges through for New Zealand Warriors in milestone game against Canberra Raiders.

This is one of those tries where even if you have the defensive numbers, a simple misread is enough to create the gap for a player to score.

As the ball shifts left, it ends up in the hands of Eli Katoa. Aware of his running prowess, Raiders half George Williams comes in to try and slow him down.

Unfortunately, that slight miscalculation means that a gap has opened up between Williams and centre Curtis Scott.

As Katoa passes, he finds Addin Fonua-Blake charging onto the ball and running through that created gap.

That close to the line and with brute strength and power, Fonua-Blake scores in his milestone game.

Jamayne Isaako bursts through a gap and breaks Corey Allan’s ankles in Brisbane Broncos win over the Canterbury Bulldogs.

As the play shifts left, things are already in motion. Rhys Kennedy, acting as the decoy, does just enough to entice Corey Waddell to move towards him.

Anthony Milford’s pass finds Jamayne Isaako who spots the small gap between Waddell and Kyle Flanagan.

Putting the foot down, Isaako storms through the gap with pure speed, with players left and right.

He doesn’t need either as he steps inside and then outside, bamboozling Corey Allan in every sense.

Powerhouse props Junior Paulo and Reagan Campbell-Gillard combine for Parramatta Eels in win over Cronulla Sharks.

The Eels shifted left before coming back to the right, and a Marata Niukore offload to Junior Paulo kick-started the try sequence.

Paulo’s acceleration and quick feet do just enough to get on the outside of Aaron Woods, as he offloads to Reagan Campbell-Gillard.

Campbell-Gillard is able to put on some footwork of his own as he gets past the first line of defence.

Once he breaks the first tackle, the big man has the try-line in sight and refuses to go down until he has scored.

Newcastle Knights fall short despite Tex Hoy’s show and go that bamboozles Wests Tigers defence.

The moral of the story here, kids, is you should never believe that an intercept is going to be on. Expect the unexpected.

This try is scored for one very simple reason but it is, nevertheless, smart awareness from Tex Hoy.

As the ball shifts right, Hoy takes the line on and dummies a pass to the men on his outside.

Tommy Talau, realising this, races up to attempt an intercept. By that time, however, Hoy has seen him and dummied.

Caught in no-man’s land, Talau’s rush of blood to the head leaves a yawning gap for Hoy to go through.

The threat of David Fifita and awareness from Tyrone Peachey results in well-worked Gold Coast Titans’ try in the win over the North Queensland Cowboys.

The sheer presence of David Fifita and the threat he poses has directly led to this try being scored.

As Tyrone Peachey takes the line on, Cowboys half Jake Clifford believes that the ball will end up in Fifita’s hands.

With that in mind, he rushes up to try and close down Fifita but Peachey is far too aware for that.

Instead of passing, he glides through the gap created by Clifford’s poor defensive read and makes the break.

Back on his inside is that man, Fifita, who scores again, his third try this season.

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