Sonny Bill floors Andrew Johns
Dogs 24 – Knights 25
Bulldogs vs Knights – Sonny Bill Williams has been sent off 3min into the match after smashing Johns with a high shot. The extent of damage to Johns is unknown, however the star looked in a world of pain and was taken from the field on a stretcher after a long delay. Johns has been transferred to John Hunter hospital by ambulance for further tests and x-rays to his face.
Kurt Gidley kicks a 72 minute field goal to seal the win for the Knights. The Bulldogs had two golden opportunities to score tries in the final minutes – but last throw passes didn’t stick and the occasion got the better of them. The Knights did well to win without Joey, and the Dogs did well to hang in with only 12 men for the entire game. Full review here.

By ricky

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  1. Even though I’m not a fan of either side when I sighted the high shot incident I was going off my nut over it.

  2. Are you serious?! That tackle wasn’t TOO bad. Yes it was bad, but I have seen worse! In the Bronco’s game this weekend, I saw someone gauge someone’s eye out! Like seriously… that was done purposely… I think you wen “nut over it” because it was done to the “godly” Andrew Johns! I bet you, more than anything, if the tackle was done on someone else who isn’t as high and superior as Andrew Johns, you wouldn’t have reacted the same way.

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