It seems karma has caught up with the contract breaking Sonny Bill Williams. The former League heavyweight, is reported to be extremely homesick and struggling to perform under injury and pressure from officials at Toulon Rugby Union.

Its a far cry from the Sonny Bill Williams that snuck out of the country and defiantly thumbed his nose at teammates and NRL officials, it seems as the reality settled in for Williams – the lure of big money hasn’t been his saviour.

The NRL and Bulldogs seemed to have closed the door on the contract breaking Sonny Bill Williams, certainly a smart move considering the fact that the National Rugby League has quickly moved on from the SBW drama, and currently basking in a sensational finals series and the continued growth of major stars Greg Inglis and Israel Folau.

Bulldogs chief executive Todd Greenberg has totally ruled out and re-negotiation with Sonny Bill Williams.

A homesick Sonny Bill Williams is said to be feeling the heat at Toulon and not happy with treatment and respect from millionaire club president Mourad Boudjellal. It certainly seems like Sonny is learning some life lessons pretty quickly, because naturally Toulon officials are not going to put up with SBW only playing 1 game every 4 weeks; especially considering his salary. Williams must be realising just how patient the Bulldogs were with his ever fragile body.

“We’ve heard those rumours as well and it’s not surprising at all for us that he’s homesick,” Greenberg said on air yesterday.

“Sometimes he got homesick when he was living back here in Sydney.”

Greenberg said there is no way SBW will be returning to the Bulldogs.

“If you’re asking me if we want him back, the answer’s no,” he said.

“We’ve had no contact from Sonny Bill or his manager.

“We’ve moved on and our suggestion is he do exactly the same.

“In my view this chapter’s over, it’s complete. Sonny made his choices some months ago, the reality of that is now he has to live with those choices.”

An expensive, unhappy and injured Sonny Bill Williams is sitting on the sidelines and that has angered Toulon boss Boudjellal.

“I think there’s some reality checks in that, it’s welcome to the real world,” Greenberg said.

“People expect a return on their investment and millionaires don’t become millionaires by making stupid decisions. Millionaires like this guy in France don’t give away money without expecting a return on the outlay.

“Some are more bullish than others and I’m sure this gentleman, by the sound of things, sounds a little bullish but my advice to Sonny would be put your head down and do your best. I’m sure he’ll be a great rugby union player.”

SBW had to cough up a $750,000 compensation package to the Bulldogs after illegally breaking his contract in the first 12 months of a 5-year deal in July, with David Gallop and the National Rugby League quickly banning him from ever playing Rugby League at the top level in Australia again.

Adding to the problems for Sonny Bill, it’s also reported that Toulon coach and close friend of SBW Tana Umaga is also reportedly under pressure with speculation former Wallabies boss John Connolly could link with the club. Umaga was instrumental in bringing SBW to Toulon and his sacking would have massive implications for Sonny staying on.

It’s news that many Bulldogs supporters would love hearing, struggling to cope with a long year and looking forward to some impressive recruits for 2009 – Canterbury supporters can take some heart in that the walk-out of SBW has helped them raise much needed funds for new blood and Williams now finds himself realising exactly what he walked out on.

By ricky

3 thoughts on “SBW: Injured, Unwanted and Homesick”
  1. sonny bill probly go to superleague i reckon. warriors 2 win by 8 this weekend. cam smith a great player but he deserved what he got.. duznt play like dat 4 QLD duz he?

  2. SBW made a choice and now he will live with the consequences. He will come out of this a better man. I am concerned about his injury prone body though. Maybe a year away from sport would do both his body and ego some good.

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