Since illegally walking out on the NRL and his team-mates at the Bulldogs several years ago, Sonny Bill Williams has been criticised for chasing the mighty dollar above all else.

Now, of course most players in professional sport work to earn the most possible. Sure, there are the odd exceptions to the rule – people left playing more for passion, enjoyment and mateship, but these days the dollar is certainly king.

But is it really what Sonny Bill seeks?

When he was tracked down in France and interviewed over his contract breaking antics, Sonny Bill declated his life-long dream was to play for the All-Blacks.

SBW said the constant spotlight (not the poor form of the Bulldogs at the time) in the NRL was causing him too much stress and his reason to exit stage left was to fulfil a life long dream to eventually become an All-Black Kiwi Rugby Union rep.

Now it seems, it’s time to put up or shut-up for Sonny Bill Williams.

Currently back in Australia to fight on the Anthony Mundine undercard, SBW is at the cross-roads of his career again.

Does he sign a new, lucrative multi-million dollar deal with French Rugby outfit Toulon and possibly fulfil all his financial dreams – or does he accept an offer from New Zealand Rugby Union to link with a Super Rugby Team?

It’s believed that while the NZ Rugby Union can’t match the dollars of the Frenchies, privately the Kiwis are offering SBW a fast-tracked path to the All-Blacks side.

Adding to the attractiveness of the offer, naturally Sonny Bill Williams and girlfriend could return to his homeland of New Zealand and enjoy being closer to their family.

Williams even left the door open to a possible NRL return in the years ahead – when the bounty on his head by the Bulldogs expires in 2013.

So – lets see, will it be Sonny Bill Williams the All-Black or Money Bill Williams the French?

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