If the NSW Blues felt pressure in Game 1, imagine the furnace in Game 2 – Lockyer’s farewell in Brisbane.

On top of that, if NSW lose – it makes a 5th straight series loss, it means no fans will show up for Game 3 in Sydney and a real chance the concept loses its gloss in the years ahead.

Ok, so there are plenty of doomsayers around at the moment – but if the men from NSW go down, the sky might really fall. What hope have they left?

Ok lets get serious, NSW folk need not panic.

Leave Craig Bellamy alone, he’s the best we’ve got and he hasn’t lost the series yet. Don’t start chopping heads in the NSW squad, we have a good mix – we just need to get players in their right postions.

Matt Cooper didn’t have his best game but injury was hamerpering the experienced star. If he is fit, he should remain.

Noddy was shouldering too much work, as Lyon is not a natural five eighth. The Maroons ran plenty of traffic at Kimmorley at took plenty of petrol out of the no.7.

Noddy must stay. But bring Barrett a specialist pivot in to assist. Baz has trained with the team, and is a natural fit.

Leave Gidley at no.1 and leave Hayne on the flank. Given time and space, they’ll be right.

Push Lyon to the vacant Cooper centre spot (if injury reigns).

Questions were raised around Josh Perry and his limited minutes – but the Manly big man just needs a rocket up him prior to running on and he will fire up.

If there is niggle, it will bring Perry to life – NSW need him there.

While the Maroons deserved the win, NSW didn’t get much luck in terms of the bounce of the ball. They need to remain patient and this mob can get them home.

Now breathe and stop calling for mass sackings.

By ricky

One thought on “So Much Riding on NSW”
  1. Get Hayne to fullback. You know he is elusive and evasive. Why waste him at the corner. Get Trent Barret in to 6. Gidley to the bench. Get this lazy Josh Perry off and bring in a aggressive prop like Jason Ryles or Luke Bailey. Chop Cooper and get the other Morris to the centre with Jamie Lyons. Bellamy lacks insight by naming Jamie Lyons at unfamiliar fight eight role and Hayne at wing. We all know Gidley is NSW new Craig Wing (bench player). If you don’t do this my tribemen will maul you again at Suncorp.

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